This is some of the work which Vibranté Garden Design has undertaken.


Mr W’s garden shown here before it was levelled and afterwards with wildlife-friendly planting. It takes time for the plants to establish and fill out so a newly planted garden can look rather sparse.

Mr W RHS before Mr W RHS after 2

Mr W LHS before Mr W LHS after

Planting combinations (click to enlarge thumbnail)

Mr W general 1 Mr W general 7 Mr W general 4 Mr W general 3 Mr W general 6

Planting plan

Whatton - back long border jpg  Mr M - back garden planting plan website  Carlton Digby planting scheme jpg


Quick hand sketch

Kitchen garden

Mr and Mrs A before  Mr and Mrs A after

School sensory garden

2014-04-24 15.37.33  Carlton Digby after 1  2014-04-24 15.37.13  Carlton Digby after 2